InWARN Steering Committee Members
Jaimie Foreman (Chair)
City of Carmel Utilities
Kurt Wanniger (Vice Chair)
Wessler Engineering
Donna Ennis (Southern REOC)
Indiana American Water
Travis Goodwin ( IDEM Representative)
Indiana Department of Environmental Management
Jackie Kuntz (IDHS Representative)
Indiana Department of Homeland Security
Tara Washington (Indiana Water Environment Association Representative)
City of Carmel Utilities
Mark Geskey (Northern REOC)
Valparaiso Utilities
Neal L. McKee (Indiana Section AWWA Representative)
City of Anderson Utilities
Dawn Keyler (Secretary)
Wessler Engineering

Tim Doersam (Alliance of Indiana Rural Water Representative)
Jasper Utilities
Operations Committee
Stanley Diamond, Rretired Wessler Engineering
David Carter, Retired IAW Noblesville
Bill Arvin,  DeNora Water Technologies
Sherri Winters, Alliance of Indiana Rural Water
Carrie Lowe, Indiana American Water
Doug Buffington (CREOC)
Citizens Energy Group