“To support and promote statewide emergency preparedness, disaster response, and mutual aid between water and wastewater utilities responding to major emergencies.”

Reggie Baker InWARN Award  


 2016 Reggie Baker Award- Tim Frederick_Committee2016 Reggie Baker Award-Tim Frederick_Chair

2016 Reggie Baker Award Recipient- Mr. Tm Fredrick

Reggie Baker, IDEM’s first Security and Counter Terrorism Coordinator, recognized early on how beneficial having a water and wastewater mutual aid network here in Indiana would be.  With Pat Carroll’s backing he joined our InWARN Steering Committee and worked with us for over a year and a half on the formation and expansion of our InWARN Network.  Without his efforts and support our InWARN Network would not be where it is today.  We acknowledge his contributions to the formation of our Network and honor his memory by designating this award as the Reggie Baker InWARN Award. 

The recipient of this year’s award also recognized the potential benefits of participating in a mutual aid network as their utility joined in 2012.  This individual was appointed to the Steering Committee as a representative of one of our supporting organization in 2014.  Shortly after being appointed, he and I worked together to develop significant clarity and transparency in our organization.  In 2015 he was the prime mover behind the growth in our membership.   

Each year, the past Reggie Baker Award recipients vote to decide who the current recipient should be.  As InWARN’s current Chair, it is my privilege to announce that this year’s Award goes to an individual that was willing to step in, step up and represent not only our InWARN organization, but the organization that he represents on our Steering Committee, the Alliance of Indiana Rural Water.  It is with great honor that I am able to present the 2016 Reggie Baker InWARN award, in front of all his peers, to Mr. Tim Frederick.



InWARN Sponsorship

InWARN is a network of water and wastewater utilities, public and private, that have signed a voluntary, mutual aid agreement to provide aid in the form of utility personnel and equipment to help other member utilities get their water and wastewater facilities back into operation after major emergencies.  If you would like to help us advance our InWARN mission: “To support and promote statewide emergency preparedness, disaster response, and mutual aid between water and wastewater utilities responding to major emergencies” , please consider becoming a sponsor.  For more information on the levels of sponsorship and how to become a sponsor see our InWARN Sponsorship Program brochure.

2015 InWARN Sponsors

Platinum ($2,500 or greater)

Indiana Section American Water Works Association

Indiana Rural Water Association

Gold ($1,000 – $2,499 )

Silver ($500 – $999)

Alliance of Indiana Rural Water

Bronze ($100 – $499)

How does InWARN work during an emergency?

After a disaster, Member Utilities are able to request assistance through InWARN’s Regional Emergency Operations Coordinators (REOCs) or through this website, indicating the specific assistance needed. Member Utilities can respond if they have the personnel and equipment to do so. Since power and communication systems are often damaged during major emergencies, InWARN REOCs will work through State Emergency Management officials to communicate with Member Utilities in the affected areas.

Available to all approved members, the secure  Members Site  of InWARN.org includes emergency contact information for all member agencies and REOCs and emergency assistance requests.

  • If your utility has already filled out the membership application and you have a password, log into the Members Site .
  • If your utility hasn’t filled out the membership application, click on Membership Application to register your utility as a member.

PLEASE REMEMBER: As an emergency response program it is imperative that InWARN has the latest, thorough and effective contact information. Outdated or incorrect information can hinder efforts to help your agency, and severely inhibit InWARNs function in an emergency. Also, if you have aggressive spam protection, please insure that InWARN is on your list of allowed senders.




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